This starts a week ago on Instagram. I was going through and looking at photos of Hudson and I came across a photo of an abandon building that someone was taking photos of. I commented on one of the photos "is there away you can take me up there" so me and the guy the is restoring started talking and yesterday we were both in town. He was showing his friends the building project and I tagged along taking photos. This was my first time going into an "abandon" building and my first Hudson rooftop. If you want to follow a long click here. It was crazy way to get to the roof top. First there was a ladder in a closet that had a tinny opening to the attic and a little bigger opening to get to the roof and the steps were steep. It was cool to see how they go about saving a building and what an old city building looks like. After that I went about my normal Hudson walk. I am learning that all you have to do is ask for things and sometimes things can happen, like this and also the airplane and helicopter rides that I have done. 

One of my artist friends who does street art kind of art had an opening in Chatham. He is the artist who did the treasure hunt this year. He goes by Scout Pines and you can follow him on Instagram. I knew a few people there and it was cool to see what he has been up to. The funny part about the opening was, since I don't drink alcohol they had ice tea just for me.  During his show I walked around town doing some long exposure night photography, something I have not done yet with my Sony A6000. so it was fun playing with that.