Why #5

Would you rather fly in a plane or use a drone for 24 hours?

Easy plane over drone any day of the week. The reason I would pick flying around over using a drone is because with a plane you get to see whats coming a head and there are many ways to view. With a drone its only 1 view in the sky.

Do you ever talk to or meet with other photographers?

Yes I have is the short answer. I am in a group of local photographers, I have met some of the members and have had shows with them. I have also searched up local photographers in the area and met a few and talked shop as they say. I also have talked to and follow photographers on Instagram who do very good work. Speaking of Instagram I follow a bunch of cool local artists. 

How many photo have you taken?

That is a hard question to answer because over the years I have used many kinds of cameras. I have used many kinds of cameras from throw aways to DSLRs, it its very very hard to give an exact number lets just say 100,000's. Think of the sessions I have done, the trips, Hyper-lapeses and animations, walking around for fun.