Hike #9

I went to Schor in Redrock on a cloudy grey day. It was my first big hike alone as well in an unfamiliar location. But I did the big hike and faced my fear. I made a big long post on my personal Facebook about it (here) . When I got there there was 2 trails and I took the one on the right, next time I will explore more. There is a large pond with a small island named Jon's pond. (large rock on trail says it.

The trails are marked so its some what easy to follow. If you do get lost like I did the trails maintained. There are rock formations and cliffs on your way up the mountain. Theres some cool trees as well. I will go back on a nicer day and spend more time. 

Hike #8

I took a ride to Ooms Pond in Chatham on a nice day. This is pretty big park to walk around. Theres a trail that takes you around the whole pond and in the woods. You will see a lot of birds flying around in the tall grass. There are a few parking lots that people with boats use and 2 main parking lots of walking. When walking up the hills you will see some great views. 

You can fish and kayak in the pond, you can hear and see frogs and fish in the pond. The first time I ever came here was at night which is pretty cool, red ,orange sky. 

Mini Project

As you know i have a studio space that I share with my dad's furniture, that he works on during the week. So I left the paper down because I was shooting some furniture and never put it up. As my dad works he leaves the door open near the studio to let air in. We live on a hill where it can get very windy, so the paper was moving a lot. It was at the end of its roll and needed to be fixed. The paper started falling off the wall and beginning to fold. It was a Wednesday aka garbage day so i took the paper and put it outside so i can bring it to the garbage. Dad started walking closer to the workshop and saw this sculpure in the yard and told me to go look at the paper, Thats where the Paper Sculpture Mini Project was born. I brought it all over the yard and making it look like a sculpture, Like my personal Art Omi (hike #4). There Will be more projects and series coming in the future. I also may add to this when I have more studio paper that needs to be put out.

I do More

There is a secret link in the about me, if you have not seen it I will tell you about it.

Its where you can see more about what I do such as website, Art and videos. 

Here is a quick link to the page.

I just wanted to let you know about more about what I do. 

Hike #7

They recently made a walking trail at the High school in Chatham. It starts on top of the hill from the parking lot. Once your on that trail you may see other trails as your walking around the trail area at the school. Chatham is know for a hill called heart break hill because of its steepness. The trail runs next to the train tracks, so you may hear and see a train going by some time. Theres a trail behind the football field that has an old adventure equipment that is very high up because of the trees growing. The pond in the back is called old pond that you can walk around in some areas. There is its own trail but you have to go to the church on Woodbride ave. People fish and boat in the pond when it is nice out. As your walking on that trail you will see an old foundation that used to be for when they would cut ice from the pond.

Hike #6

Borden's Pond is not a pond any more it has small streams but no big pond anymore. If you want to go up hill then this is a good place to go, there are some flat areas but some up hill walking. You do have to watch your step because of the roots and rocks, don't want to trip and fall. There are a few benches through out the trail for you to rest. 

Best Of 2017

This was my first award ceremony and first time shooting an event in the main building at the fair grounds. There was a lot of diffrent kinds of local businesses from around Columbia County hoping to win a best of award, People from the county got to vote for there favorite business and the winners were picked last night. I had fun running around talking to people and taking photos. It got very hot in there so I had to stay hydrated and also because I was running around. Besides running around taking photos I also took photos of people who won best of awards for there business.