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I decided to start an email list because of all the changes with social media and things always changing. They change how you see the feed and what in the feed and sometimes it could be a few days till you see someones post or miss it and not see it at all. I am learning more and more about business like marketing. I feel like sending emails is at times more reliable then posting something online. I will not spam you with blog posts or photo updates. This will be more of a way to invite you to shows, what I am working on and also things related to sessions and other photography and creative doings. You do not have to sign up if you do not want to, I do post on my blog once or twice a week and update my site photographs every so many months.


50mm 1.2

I got to use a friends lens for the day and play around with it. Here are some of the shots I got with a very shallow depth of field.

Why #9

If you could go back and start photography in middle school/ early high school, what would that look like then and today?

I feel like if I started back then my life now would be totally diffrent because of the connections and the photos and the work I would have. I would have probably been the school photographer in some way, from school events, sports, portraits and any other school documentation. I would had more clients and shows since I started before I actually did which was end of sophomore.

After doing research on these famous photographers who are you most like?

I would have to say a mix of Walker Evans and Robert Frank for the most part. But in the over all I think who I am as a person I am a mix of everyone in some way shape of form. Almost all of them have/had learning disabilities which as you can tell if you read anything on my site. All of them for the most part interlock other then just photography and being an artist.

Since you don't go to school (college) how do you learn and grow?

Well I do watch a lot of videos on photography, business and life stuff. Talking with people is another good way that I learn. Also I am a very hands on learner so I learn by trying something out and if its not working the way I want try something new. I do have a mentor/teacher who I see every so often that has helped me branch out. I do talk with other professionals in other industries not just photography. I also do read here and there. 




Inferred Photography

A while ago I got this inexpensive inferred filter and tried it and did not work and did not do much else with it. Recenty  I decided to take it out and play with it. 

Click here to see more

The results were interesting as you can see and very harsh red because of the "inferred". The filter is very dark so you have to have a long exposure to capture the light through the filter. One of the things I dont like about the filter is its very hard to see what you are photographing because of the dark filter. Some of the results I got were better then others and there are a few I like. 

Seans Run 2018

Sean's Run is a yearly event with many diffrent kinds of races and activities for all ages. From zumba to a big 5k race which is the main event. Sean's Run started in response to a local athlete who was in a car accident. Theres a race called battle of the belts for local middle and high school kids, to help raise awareness of the safety to wear a seat belt.  Click here to learn more. Last year they did not have the big 5k because it started storming, luckly there was no storm this year just a lot of rain during the main event.

Here is a gallery of photographs I took. I am sharing all color.

Hike #14

So me and my friend decided to try and go to the Taconic Sculpture Park Spencertown NY. Its off the main road and onto a long dirt road  and there you will see a artistic rock wall. It kind of looks like Art Omi but more interesting and smaller. There is a fee per car ($10) so carpool there. Theres a nice older guy that runs the place. 


You can go into some of the sculptures. Theres a big head on the hill which reminds me of Art Omi with all the big heads they have but this one you can go into but cant go on top of. It is smaller then OMI but its a cool place to walk around. There is a view so theres a plus, the Toconic state parkway you can hear and see through the trees. It does kind of look like there expanding over to the other side of the road but the man was inside.

Device Photography

I have posted about this before but want to go a bit more into it.

There is a difference between being a photographer and being an "iphone photographer" in my option. A "real" photographer has more control over the final image then a device. With a device you cant control settings as much as you can with say a Canon rebel. You can edit and post faster in some cases, there are cameras that are easy to use with your phone and can shoot and edit and post just like you would your phone. But with more controls like a DSLR you can be creative with shutter an depth of field. I have seen and heard about amazing photos taken with a phone that people thought were taken with a "real" camera. And yes there have been covers for things shot with a phone and yes the technology is getting newer and newer and one day the DSLR features will be in the phone. To call your self a photographer is knowing about the fundamentals of the craft/art and learning and knowing about photography.

Here are shots taken with a ipad and iphone

Rock Stills

Ever since I was young I liked rocks especially fossil rocks which I would find a lot and had a big collection of small fossil rocks. The kind of rocks you would find in a gravel pit nothing big like museums just the penny and quarter sizes. Or when I found a cool rock because of the color, texture, shape it was always fun to collect. Also when I was younger like many young boys we like destroying things, so I would find a big rock in my yard and find small rocks and throw the small ones at the big one. Hoping that the smaller rock would break open and something cool would be inside. Also when I was younger those rocks you break open and theres crystals inside or the mini rock collection sets. So with my still life series expanding I thought shooting my collection of cool and intresting rocks may be fun to add and the still life series will always be growing with new things added. 


I am still playing with these photographs

For Photographers #1

The photography industry has helped me a lot in more ways then one and not just photography. The people I have met and talked to and cant forget the people who have helped me. I do like helping people in many ways like volunteering/donating in what ever way is necessary and that I can do at that time. I have helped and given advice to other photographers who are starting out or who just want some tips. ( I may update the lists) (all the names are links)

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Bird Print

I know its kind of hard to see but a bird left his mark on the window and did not fall, must have flew away. But the wing span and body are "printed on the glass .