I decided to “rebrand” my self and what I am doing at the moment. I started with photography and had a bunch of diffrent logos and then I got help making one and then I made my own and was just doing photography. I then got into making art and painting and i thought since i want to be known for many things why not call everything creative and not photography since thats what I am a creative person now doing more then just photography. I kept the photography logo but changed the name. More recently I talked about it with a few people and took a better look at the word and how i present my self with social media and my website. Having the creative sounds like an agency and I am not an agency. Being a “creative” is kind of the new word for artist and I took that as oh that would be a cool name for what I am doing. Most artists have just there name or a “art name/s”. So thats what I went with and it keeps all socials clean as well as my website. I can have the tag line be photographer and artist but not have that as the name. I liked the colors from the photography logo and wanted it to be my “theme” colors for the logo and site.


Famous Artist #3

Ellsworth Kelley

(Local to Columbia County NY)

Born 1923 and Died 2015

He was a painter, sculptor and printmaker. His style of work was minimalist mostly using solid bright colors and simple forms.

His parents were not so supportive of his art work, while his art teachers told him to keep pushing more with the arts. He went to the same School Franz Kline did. Kelley had to leave to go to the army in 43.

During his time in the army, he helped with designing camo with other artists and designers. Such as ski troops and The Ghost Army.

With his GI Bill he went to the SMFA in Boston. During his time there he had a show as well as taught classes.

He is considered an important innovator and contributor of the American art movement.

Around 49 is where he made his first abstract pantings. His first solo show was at a gallery in Paris.

During the 70’s and 80’s is when he moved to this area and connected with his partner Jack Shear who is a photographer and who runs the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation.

The Foundation gives to local art programs, artist and the preservation of the area as well as many other things.


Hike #21

Stuyvesant Falls NY . This is not a hike its more of a nature spot with a large waterfall. There is a parking area or you can park on the side of the road and just walk to the falls. There is Rock wall where you can climb up to get a better look at the over all falls. There is a old factory across the one car bridge as well as a higher advantage point of the falls. There is not a whole lot there since its not a hiking trail but its a cool nature spot.


Polar Plunge 2019

This year I was a sponsor for volunteering my photos from last year. This year they had to cut out a section of ice since the pond was frozen with a few inches of ice.