The other day I was walking around waiting for unicycle hockey to start and i walked into the local gallery and showed the lady at the front desk my yearly portfolio just for fun to show her what I been doing. She knew who I was because been there before and I had my first gallery show there. The back of the book has the photo below, She said thats a microburst and that she has seen and heard about them before. As we were talking I looked it up on my phone and there it was. 


Someone told me about this website where people submit photos of clouds and they tell you what it is and on the site they say it is  

Altocumulus, Cumulus, Congestus, Asperitas, Undulatus


photo from here

Power Out

What does a modern day photographer do when there is now power? Goes out and takes photos and waits for the power to come back on an edit them. 

Me and my photographer friend hung out by playing with flashes in the studio and then walking around town and then going to Ooms. Also I took a few photos with the candle light because of no power.

Rhinebeck Library Show

Starr Library (68 west market st)

This is my first big solo show and also my first non local show as well.

The show is called  MY EYE, MY WORLD: Exploration of a Young Photographer.

Its going to be a collection of all my framed photos, some new mixed with some old.

black & white and color photographs.

Hours: MON=10-5  / TUES-THUR=10-7  / FRI=10-5  / SAT=10-4  / SUN=1-4

March 1st-30th

Here are some photos of the space with the photos.

Hudson Polar Plunge 2018

Hudson had a Polar Plunge to help raise money for the Fire Department and the youth department in Hudson. They did the plunge at the Oakdale Beach which in the summer is a summer camp for kids. 

Why #8

Why do you do show your work such as galleries/stores/restaurants and places like that?

The reason I like to show my work is to get my name out there more and also to show people the work I can do and the cool and interesting things I capture. Some Art work for there home or collections.

What have you done so far in 2018?

Feb13th- I have shot 2 artists work, family portraits, out and about, protest, nature, products, real estate type photos, unicycle hockey,

Do you use photoshop to edit at all?

No Ido not use photoshop to edit my photos, I mostly use it to play around with at the moment but that could change. I use another program to edit my photos. Photoshop to me is not part of what I do. I like to get what I need in camera as much as I can and i do not photoshop things in my photos as you can see.

Famous Photographer #8

Joel Sartore

Born in 1962 in Oklahoma.

He is a speaker, teacher and for over 20 years  working with Nat Geo.

He graduated college with a degree in Journalism. Even though he is mostly known for shooting animals but he has shoot many other types of photography.

His love of animals started when he was a child hearing about the last ever passenger pigeon from a book his mom had.

He is the teacher in the Nat Geo Fundamentals of Photography The great Courses series on DVD. Where he helps you learn and become a better photographer.

Here is a link to his Animal Ark book

 A Damara zebra (Equus burchellii antiquorum) at the Naples Zoo.

Hike #13

Its not a hike unless you are coming from warren street then its a hike there and back but there is a spot to park. This place is called the The Furgary Boat Club houses, It used to be blocked off and there are some no trespassing signs for going inside the buildings them selfs. Your allowed to walk around and look and in my case take photos.  There is a sign there will rules such as go in at your own risk. 


This is a historical area to the city of Hudson and as you can see they have not been touched in years. I hear there are going to make it into an actual public park.

Here is a link if you want to learn more about this place

Big Moves

So as you know I already have a show up and still have the show from last year up as well. I have had another show already planed and I got asked to have my 3rd show and its only Q1 of the year. Who knows a show back to back for the whole year besides January. 

I do have more personal projects and ideas for this year that will be done this year that have been in my head. Theres a few sessions already booked and a few model shoots as well. Lot more content will be made this year.

There is also going to be some more personal changes this year to bring out the new Zach. Such as growing as a person, talking more to people and becoming healthier in many ways. Becoming a better version of my self thats why I said new Zach. Its not going to happen over night, its something that will be worked on over time.

A short blog this week

First of 2018

My first show of the year is at the Chatham Grill right before you hit the main strip if your coming from the light. I have 2 photographs up that I have not had shown before. My new famous Chatham shot and a photo I took at Coney Island when I went there for the circus. They have good food and as well staff. This show is a group of photographers in the Columbia County Photo Club a mix of skills and subject matter. The theme of the show is colors. 


Chatham NY

Since one of my newest chatham photo blew up on Facebook, I decided to do a blog post about my view on this small town where I grew up. Chatham is where my story starts. I lived in Chatham for about 16 years and went to HS there. My grandparents used to live a few streets away and I spend a lot of time there as well. There were 3 houses next to mine and 2 of the houses had kids around my age and we were all good friends. My one neighbor friend would hang out all the time he was around my age. All us kids would get together and play games and hang out event went to each others parties. This town has helped form me into who I am today. From biking around town to hanging out with friends. Theres a lot I can tell you about this small town but It would be to long of a blog post and all the memories of this small amazing town.

I have family history in this small town America. There used to be a store before I was born called Delsons, Think of it as the Walmart of its time. When ever I meet someone and they seem like they are from around here,"I ask do you remember Delsons" and if they say YES, I say thats my family's store. People have told me all there memories of the store. I have seen photos as well of what it used to be. People have told me stores about working in the store, about the toy room down stairs and so much more. "If we don't have it, you don't need it"

This town is very historical because of its history with trains and the buildings in and around the town. This town also has a video store that still is alive and the whole front room is VHS tapes. There is also a 1 screen movie theater. Chatham is also know for having the yearly Columbia County Fair. 


This is the photo that has been blowing up online and what made me make this post. 

This was taken on the Sony A6000