Art Omi Open Studio 2019

Each year Art Omi has their artist residencies program where artist from all over the world come and spend a few weeks creating work on the campus to show. A long time ago I remember going going to the event with my family, we had breakfast/lunch there then went and check out the artist. There was a lot of cool work this year.

Famous Artist #7

Louise Nevelson

Born 1899 and died 1988

She is an American sculptor known for her single color usually big works.

By exploring with conceptual art and painting she found her love of sculpture.

After HS she worked as a stenographer at a law office.

1930’s she took a sculpture class at the Educational Alliance by Chaim Gross. Also in the 30’s she started to show her work. While gathering fire wood she started tinkering.

In the 50’s she showed her work as much as possible and had a lot of good reviews about her work but she was not financially stable. To help make money she gave classes. During this time her work started to get bigger and bigger.

She used what ever she could find in the city. She used all kind of materials in her life time, from wood to metals.

She joined the Martha Jackson Gallery where she began to get back on her feet financially. During her time at the gallery she was unsuccessful and left and was on the brink of being where she once was. During the time she was offered a fellowship program at the now Tamarind Institute.


Famous Artist #6

Richard Prince

Born 1949 and is 69

He is famous for reproducing cigarette ads and taking out the ad and leaving the photo of the cowboys. “rephotographing”

Richard was drawn to the city by a photo of Franz Kline looking outside his studio.

Richard built his 2nd house in upstate NY called the “mini museum that was bought by the Guggenheim Museum which was sadly burnt down by a big storm.

His first solo show was in 1980 at the CEPA gallery in Buffalo NY.

He has been sued many time for his repurposing other peoples work. A more recent case was when he took screen shots on IG posts and added his comment to it and printed them out.

He has done many series of work and still makes art to this day.