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This series is more of a design that I created that has the ability as you can see to be made into art over design. The “slash portraits is an example of how the design can be turned into a work of art. Me “slashing” objects is to show the design being used. The reason for the BW is for me a transition from my BW photographs to my art work.


These are painting I have no full series for and works I have created because they were in my head.


This series is about looking with inward to the storm. The flat color around the window is like the calming and hiding the full storm. Some pieces in this series have more texture than others and the texture is to help with the over all feel to the painting. 


This series came from looking at other peoples work online. They would take there own work or work they found at a thrift shop and paint star wars or batman inside the painting to make it comical. My art style is abstract, so I abstracted the paintings/prints as well as my own work. I also take my own photographs and turn them into something new by scratching them up.


This series came to me from my dad making a bed for my sister. This wood is from how they cut marble and stone. I saved the scapes that I thought looked cool and that I could do something with.