Portrait and event photography is what I am known for but I have also photographed real estate and product photos. My style of work can be seen across all my photography work.


Seeing how the light and objects work together to create some unique shapes. capturing them close up or far away and sometimes showing why the shadow was created.


By turning the photos BW it makes you look at the structure and detail of the buildings more and seeing how the light and detail help tell the story of the structor. Looking at some of the structor detail in a close up as well as an empty room giving a void effect. 


My approach with photography is letting the situation happen and documenting it. Taking photographs of life today is like being a historian for the future generations to come. Seeing how people interact and how they live their life. 


This series started with me wanting to see how leaves looked up close as well as getting portraits of bugs. Then the series expanded from there, Taking everyday life and isolating it with a single color backdrop to simplify the photograph.


I had this idea in my head for years from looking at photos online of people doing this style with movies as well as historical photos. I wanted to see how much has changed with local places that I know and have been by many times, seeing what has changed as well what it looked like many years ago. 


Exploring and seeing what I can find is a passion for this collection. Coming across something that I can take a photograph of or the beauty of a landscape. I like to find interesting things that most people just walk past but for some reason I find interesting and give it a new life.


After using the filter for a while and seeing how light and color as we see it changed by using the filter. I thought about turning it into a series. I like mixing the BWs I create using the filter as well as the “color” version since with the color you can see something you don’t see in BW version.