Hike #19


Went to Monument Mountain in Great Barrington MA to hike it. When I got there I noticed that you had to pay $5 to park which is not normal from the parks I have been to before, besides the 1 sculpture park. I don’t recommend going here if it just rained or the snow is melting since you have to climb rocks. There are big boulders as well as rock walls and smaller rocks. These are some cool looking rock and tree formations on the way up and off path. I would not be surprised if there are foxes that live in the rocks.


Take the left path from the parking lot. There will be a rocky path then smooth and then rocky. Near the top you will have to climb some rocks to be able to get up theres a few tricky parts as well as some rock steps. there are 2 main look out points the top and then a few steps down theres another look out point. I recommend being careful since its a far drop and there are a lot of rocks. Also when I was coming down to my car I noticed a pile of hiking sticks ( wood branches) next to the main sign. The paths are very well kept up, there looked to be a few fallen trees that were cut up and moved out of the path. the trail markers are blue and red that I saw, I just did the main hike there may be other color markers on the tree which were very easy to see.

Trip to DC 2018

I went on a week vacation to VA to visit family. It was also the week of my birthday. I got to hang out and family I have not seen on a very long time and have fun as well. I went to DC for a few hours walking around some of the monuments and a little of the city.

This is a small park i walked to when visiting family as well as photos from my walk to and from the house.

Some Iphone photos from the trip

Art Omi Portrait Show

To end Ghent’s 200th Birthday, there was a big event at Art Omi. A local photographer Richard Beaven Took on a project to photograph 200 portraits of people who have lived in Ghent from a week to 100+ years. At first he thought he would do 150-175 but he ended up taking 275 portraits which is about 5% of Ghent. The town of Ghent and Art Omi and other people helped make this show happen. All the portraits were shot on medium format film, he went knocking on doors as well as people telling others to be part of the project . I am one on the portraits in the show, it was very odd being in front of the camera as a “formal” portrait and not just a candid portrait like i am used to.

Famous photographer #17

Timothy H o’Sullivan

There is not a lot of information about him and there is no 100% proof of some of the facts about this photographer.

Born is 1840 Died 1882

he was a photographer during the civil war and documented it. He also did landscapes as well and native american work as well.

He was the photographer for the Department of Treasury in 1880.

From Wiki

O'Sullivan's history and personal life remains a mystery for many historians as there is little information to work from. For example, he was either born in Ireland and came to New York City two years later with his parents or his parents traveled to New York before he was born. There is no way of finding out which of the two stories is true.


History Project

This idea has been in my head for many years. The idea came from seeing famous movie scene in the location they were shot as well as war photos in the same location today. So the project that was in my head was to take historical/old photos of near by towns that I could find online or that people have shared and go to the location and try my best to take the photo as it was taken back then. ( i wrote the whole project out but thats the over all idea of it.)

These are 2 examples of what the inspiration came from and if you click the photos above they will take you to there site where you can see more examples. 

A new photography friend of mine ( Dan ) Gave me the push to actually do it finally. So I packed everything I thought we may need and we only used a hand full of things. We used my ipad with photos on it to help frame the shot and to see how close we could get. some of the photos we recreated had to be a panoramic as well as HDR ( over, under, exact exposure). 

From doing the first round as you could call it of photos it helped us understand a few things such as working as a team, framing the photo as well as other things. It was also interesting to see how much buildings and the areas have changed over time. 

The creative/artistic part of the project is the layering part (part 2&3) where the real part of the project takes place. the side by side is more of a reference so you can see the full photos.   

The below is group one part one

The old/historical photos for this project were from many sources