5 Things To Do In Chatham NY

I have talked about Chatham a few times in this blog because of my relationship with it being born and raised. So here are just a few of the things I would recommend doing in Chatham NY.

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The Crandell theater is a must for sure. Its a staple in the town and was put on the map for being a historical building. Its a one screen theater with 2 floors of seating,( sometimes the balcony is closed off). They have film festivals and programs through out the year. 


Walk around town is something I have done countless times. Going outside of main st and exploring what Chatham has. If your a local you will most likely run into someone you know since its a small town. Many things are in walking distance such as a quick snack at the gas station which you have a few to pick from.  


There are many places to have a nice meal in town, if you need a quick bite or a place to sit and eat there are options. There has recently been a few new places that have popped up. My favorite place for sitting down is The Taste Box which is a Mexican restaurant and for a quick bite is Pizza Den. In the summer you cant forget about Donna's. There is also the chatham grill.


There are a few trails and parks outside of the main st such as Ooms pond and the trails behind and around the school/Old Pond. If your just looking for a place to run or bike there is also Bordens pond.


I am into art so my last one is the galleries. There are a few galleries. Thompson Giroux Gallery, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, The Gallery @ Chatham, Park Row Art Gallery but its mostly a frame shop. Galleries usually change there art around every 6 weeks, so you will have something new to see. Theres a new gallery off of main street called Amuse that recently opened up. 


There are more things to do in town besides these and agin these are my 5 things I would recommend. If this was made a while ago, I would have said Ralphs Pretty Good Cafe, Clock Tower Toys and a few others. You cant forget about the fair as well. Theres also small events that happen in town but these things can be done all year round. Mac-Haydn Theatre is another thing that happens during the summer, people from all over come.

Famous Photographer #12

Imogen Cunningham 

Born in 1883 and died 1976

In 1901 ( 18 years old) she bought her first camera via mail order a 4x5 from the American School Of Art in PA.

Her interest in science and learning the "magic" behind photography led her to photographing flowers and other plants.

She learned portraits from the famous indian tribe photographer Edward Curtis.

She helped fine a cheaper way to do platinum printing during WW1.

Later in her career she did some street photography and also joined the group called F/64 which is the famous photographer group. She was invited to be a member at California School of Fine Art by Ansel Adams.


Famous Photographer #11

Cindy Sherman 

Born in 1954 making her 64 today.

She is known for her self portraits by becoming diffrent characters. Her more know work is her film stills which are in BW. 

She went to school for visual arts and learned and played with diffrent mediums from painting to photography. One of her teachers told her about conceptual art and other contemporary forms which helped her out a lot. 

She is the model and the photographer which makes her very diffrent then most photographers I have learned about. The other photographers have taken photos of them selfs but more of a for fun thing then what she is doing with her portraits. Transforming her self into diffrent people.