Famous photographer #16

Edward Weston

Born is 1886 Died in 1998

The middle photo is one of his most famous and iconic photographs

one of the most innovative and influential American photographers and one of the masters of 20th century photography.

He photographed many things such as landscapes, still life, portraits and much more.

He knew he wanted to be a photographer at a young and got his first camera which was a simple box camera at the age of 16.

He learned photography and assisted his father in his studio. ( sounds a little like me)


Film Fest Party 2018

I was asked to photograph a party for the 2018 Chatham Film Fest Kick off party. A long time ago in middle school, I volunteered to help set up the film fest and got to see a few films. Now I got to be apart of the team and document the party. The party was also an event for Brian Cox as well as Stephen Lang. I had a lot of fun at the event since I got to do candid photos "( which is something I am known for). When ever they wanted to do posed photos they would find me and say “zach can you take out photo” which I am ok with. The food as also very good, I had like 20 grill cheeses ( they were mini triangles) as well as a few mini burgers.

Color Run 2018

I was asked to photograph the color run at the elementary school agin this year which I said yes to since I had fun doing it last year. This year it rained on and of during the event but the kids still had fun playing games and dancing to music. They changed the run this year but it was pretty much the same. My favorite part of this event is at the end where they throw color into the air and seeing everyone covered with chalk.

Ghent 200th Birthday

Ghent is celebrating its 200th birthday this year. In the summer there were a few weeks where the town historian gave history walks. The 12th he gave a history presentation and the 13th was the big party for the town. There was parade, fly over, food, fireworks, local venders and historical things to see.

So I had this idea to get the fireworks behind one of the 2 town stables the town hall or the Bartlett House. I figured it would make more for a better end of celebration photo if it was the town hall.

Famous Photographer #15

Paul Caponigro

Born in 1932 and is still alive at 85 years old

He started photographing at the age of 13 and was into music as well and went to school for music.

He has had 2 Guggenhim fellowships and 3 grants from the NEA (National endowment for the arts.

His subject matter was still life and landscapes.

"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are."