If you ever wonder why I do not have a neck strap on my camera its beacuse of how annoying it would be to have to un wrap it around my wrist to do things. I never used it as a neck strap because it would bother my neck. when I would be shooting and i was getting sweaty or needed to shake someones hand or tie my shoe I would have to undo the neck strap on my wrist. Went online to find something better for my wrist and found two things that have changed how easier it is to take photos and for my wrist.

Now the batman pin, I have always been a batman fan, so one year my aunt got me it for Christmas. Ever since then for the most part its always on my camera, I call it the photographer IRL trade mark. In some way there is symbolize. Batman hides behind a mask, I hide behind my camera. Batman is quick, I am fast with my camera. He is also famous and maybe one day I can be famous. he also has a bunch of gear.  

21 2017

This may be long, just for the heads up.

2016 was a good year, I did alot of firsts. I went in the air for the first time in both an air plane and helicopter. First wedding far from studio, only vacation of the year and first time in a long time being away from family and a big thing for me was doing an event where i knew a few people. model photos is another first for this year. There are probably more but those are the ones that come to mind first. Near the end of 2016 I changed my mind on things personally and business wise. I want to be a better me. Like with the wedding and not knowing people and having to talk to people who I would never have talked to before. younger me would be super shy and just follow the people I knew and not go have fun. As i am making this I remember my younger self and how much I have grown, being the kid who was shy talking to new people to talking to people and getting better at it. I think doing that wedding this year helped me grow, the more I think about it. 2017 is going to be a big year for me, I am going to grow so much in many ways. I know 2016 was the election and i shared alot of stuff, that will change I will share little no political stuff unless its big, I will post more about me.  So now photography talk. I plan on running a business and change up what I used to do. I also have a few project ideas I want to do in 2017 that could help me grow my photography in many ways if it works out the way I see it. I am going to try as hard as I can to see how far photography will take me and do things on the side but make photography #1 thing. There is more I could say but i want to see what 2017 has in store for me.

Happy Holidays from your favorite 21 year old photographer

First Studio Model

Though most of my studio work has been primarily product photography, I decided to expand my skill-set with in-studio lighting for portraits. I offered Courtney the opportunity to model in-studio in exchange for portfolio credit, and had my first in-studio shoot with her. This was Courtney's first photo shoot as well and she enjoyed the experience. It's important for a portrait to express who that person is, so I asked her to bring something personal, something Christmas-ish. Below are the photos from Courtney's session.

Dec Show

I have four photos at the Chatham grill in Chatham NY. One near the bathroom and three in the side room.

November Air

So the day started off like a normal day watch some YouTube videos check whats happening online, doing what I need to do around the house. Around lunch time I checked Instagram and saw a local artist hid art. So i reread his post looked at the photo and see if i could put them together to try and figure out where it was, I was like "I know where that is and drove over and found it.
There it sits in our mud room. After I found the art work by (scout pines) I remembered someone had unneeded CD stuff like cases and blank CDs to use for clients. So I went over and picked them up. Then I was off to do what I was waiting for all day.
The plane ride was fun I invited a photographer friend to go up with me and it was fun we flew around my house and around the fire tower at Beebee Hill and flew around to houses. It was a little bumpy but not as much as I thought it might have been with the wind and it being mid day. I had a live stream going, gopro filming and me photographing. I need to invest in some iphone camera tools so i can let my phone film and not needing to hold it all the time.

Studio Update

Here is just an update on the studio. A standing desk with a shelf where the tether cable mouse and other things are. The table with wheels is a movable desk for the computer and also a make-up desk with a mirror. Large table and the mini paper is for product photos. There is a waiting couch that we can use for a session if wanted. My art is on the side of the couch. That's the view from the studio. The studio also has heat for when it gets cold and some other photography gear. Changes will still happen, just wanted to do a blog post and a studio update.

Wings Wheels Warbirds

Yesterday there was an event at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport in Massachusetts. This was their first event, a very big turn out with lots and lots of cars to military aircraft. The cars were anything from rat rods to newer cars and everything in between. The airplanes they had there were anything from experimental to high-end airplanes. My friend who owns a helicopter was giving rides they invited me to come with them and hang out and have fun, and I did have fun walking around and taking photos all day. I was going to ride the helicopter back home but it started to rain so we had to turn around.  Here are just some of the photos I took throughout the day, who knows maybe it will happen next year it's definitely something cool and fun to do.

First 2016 Wedding and More

This can also be called, second weekend to remember. A few months ago I was asked to shoot a wedding, They said it would be in a different state. I do not feel comfortable driving far alone, so I they said I could go with them. So I spent the whole weekend with the couple and the bridesmaids and family and friends. it was definitely a crazy fun weekend that i will not forget.
The place the wedding was held was in the middle of no where. As soon as we got up to the venue and got out of the car, looked at the view, I was amazed, one of the best views I have seen. The Warfield House Inn, Charlemont, Massachusetts. is where the wedding was held. Also there was a storm during the reception and power went out, we then had live music.
Days before the wedding, I wanted to try something new and cool. Its something I have not seen anyone in my area do. I have seen people do it before but wanted to try it on my own. It's a Geo Filter on demand, it was kind of cool watching all the girls go crazy when I told them It was live and how to use it, they were all getting their hair and make-up. It's something I may try again for an event, it was not that expensive.

The day before my mini vacation aka wedding weekend. I was asked to shoot kids circus for a family friends who have a big circus company called Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. They do a youth camp and they asked me to take some photos, here are a few of my favorite.

iPad Photos

Yesterday in Hudson I decided to use my iPad to take photos here are some photos. I use this app called vscocam, free app it's where you can take photos edit them, filters or you can edit your self with sliders, like exposure/highlights/shadows/saturation and more.