Big News!!!!!

I was in a local paper, front cover and pages 4-5 for the December issue.


Friday i photographed an event Saturday i photographed a small event, after that i edited for over 2hours straight no stops. hard work pays off, i hope to have some more stuff this week. hopefully. i like doing things and being busy.

Making Vids

As you can see I have been making videos, i want to get better at doing them but stick with photography more but who knows where things will go, maybe I some one will ask me to make a video at my next event or maybe I will just make one for someone and see where things go. here is a videos I made.


I shot an event on Sunday and forgot to blog about it, it was fun it was a community day thing with entertainment and games and food. fun stuff.


There have been big and small updates to the site, go and find them and comment them below. There will be another big update after the fair. BTW the site is always being updated one way or the other, just have to spot the little things


Last night was my 3rd big event so far and my 2nd big gig of the year, it was very fun, I took the most dancing photos that i think i have ever taken in one day. The photos should be up this week hopefully if every thing works out.


I went to Maine last week for a family vacation for fun, we rented a house on the water near Wells ME. The time we were there all i did was shoot, I shot boats going by and any thing i thought was cool or interesting. right across a one lane road was an abandon house. I looked on apple maps where we were staying and there was a look out on the property of the abandon house, so the adventure side or me came out and went over there and it was amazing view, and the back of the house was kind of cool.  I took 100's of photos during the trip, it was a lot of fun. here are a few photos that i took, more to come.

Big event

This past Saturday I did a quinceanera for my sisters friend, it was a lot of fun. I ran around a lot getting all the shots they asked for and some for my self that I thought were cool. The best and my favorite part of the day was the dance floor, I love taking photos of people dancing and having a good time. My next big gig is in August. 

First post

This is the first post out of many, yesterday was a big day, I launched my site public and got new business cards. I have a big event that I am photographing there will be an update post soon about that. Thank you for visiting my site there will be more blog posts coming soon.