Famous Artist #4

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Born 1960 and died 1988

Graffiti culture was a big influence on his work. Hip hop, punk, street as well as being on the lower east side of NYC.

His work is about things going on in the world the deal with social issues as well as political.

He went to an alternative high school where most of the kids who went there were artistic. He did not have a very easy time growing up.

He went from having nothing at all selling a single painting in the matter of a few years.

First American show took place in 1982 at the Annina Nosei gallery where he worked in the basement

He was good friends with Andy.


Ghent Air Breakfast Summer 2019

This was the first big Event for my weekend. I photographed it last year and had fun doing so. I decided to go agin this year and I got some different shots then I did last year. From going to the other side of the runway to a few portraits.