New Collection

After researching about Richard Avedon and the series he did The American West. Gave me an idea to photograph used/old tools. His series he photographed the raw and rugged people who were not clean cut or in the fashion world. The people he photographed had stories to tell just by how they looked and dressed on a white backdrop which takes away what could be a messy background where the subject could be lost. Taking his photographs and adding my twist to it in a way. The reason I call it a collection instead of a series is because there part of the over all still life portraits. Another thing about the series and the collection is that the photographs are light not dark like my "normal" photographs are.  


If you know anyone who has used tools or an artist with paint covered shoes or something that could tell a story like the tools let me know. The more interesting the better.

Why #6

Would you call your self a historian?

Yes in the fact that I document live and the things around me today so people of the future or when I look back can see what life looked like. Being a photographer and a videographer in some sense does make you, your own historian in the fact of capturing life now for the future.

Do you plan on doing anything else besides photography?

Yes. If you have looked at my about me and gone to the bottom, you can see that I have and do more then just take photographs. I also plan on doing a lot more then just photography. I want photography to be one of my passions and something I am known for moslty but I could go in on some other art form and be even better then photography or just do another art form on the side. I am also intrested in buisness and investing. I have many ideas and things I want to do in life but, I do like playing the long game. People say life is to short and others say I am still so young and have my whole life in front of me. 

Did you go to college for photography?

The short answer is no, I did not. The long answer is that I did go to college after HS for one year. During that year I took 2 artistic classes. One being photography that I loved and the "famous" Catskill fog photo was taken before photography class one day. The other artistic class was graphic design and I did amazing at those 2 classes. College is not for me but I did do a year.

Any new things coming up?

I do have a creative mind so ideas for projects are always coming in mind and I have some projects that I would like to do sooner then later but just need an extra set of hands. I also don't want to do project after project right away. If I wanted to i could make a series of images I have collected over time but I want to do bigger projects that are more selective if that makes sence.


It started with making my website and playing around and learning how to use Sqaurespace. I did take a web site making class in school and college but we learned the old HTML way. With Squarespace there is no coding needed. If you know code or look up something you need and copy an paste it. I have made a few websites for people and I do plan on using Squarespace agin for other sites I make for people and my self. 

Site #1                                        Site #2                                         Site#3  

22 2018

This is going to be long.

This year has been a big year in many ways. This year was also a year of growth and breaking comfort zones. I did things that have changed me and also changed my creativity.


Getting Lost   As some might know this year I got lost a few times on my adventures/hikes. Before I tell you the stories. Getting lost helped me grow and break comfort zones, because no one likes to be lost, but also getting lost could be an adventure but not in these stories.    So one of the few times getting lost was at Beebe Hill. I have been there once before with an old friend. At the parking lot there is a road thats blocked off for working vehicles to go on or some old road. So I went up the hill like done before and went to the top of the fire tower. I was then walking down and see what looked like the top of the blocked road. " oh a short cut". So I took the trail and after a while I thought I should be there by now. I checked my phone and had no service but the GPS worked and saw I was on the other side of the park. I see on the GPS there are some back roads and thought i guess i will just walk on the roads till i get back there. So I end up on the back roads in the middle of know where. I see a truck pass me and go into a drive way but i keep walking and pass a house with dogs barking and someone working in there yard and they could not hear me. so i walked like i am going back up the hill. I though maybe i should ask the person who lives in the house  the truck went into. the truck leaves and goes past me. I stop the truck and see a name on the truck I knew and ask the driver where I was and If i could get a ride and he did. The funny/scary thing he said to me on the way to the parking lot of the park was that there are bears in those woods. The next big time i got lost was going home from a mentors house. She lives an hour or so away from me.I have been to her house before and came home no problem but this one time I went south instead of north on the turnpike and ended up 70+ miles away from home at this boating camp area. I asked the girl in the booth where Columbia County was and she had no idea. So i pulled over and put it in my gps and texted my dad and the phone and gps were not working right. So i knew I had to go the other way not south. So i went on the right side of the turnpike to go home. it took a while because of all the cars. on the way home it started raining and my gas gage was flat and made it home safe. The other times I got lost were small, driving passed a park and turning around and getting lost in a park and finding my way out. I learned to stay on marked trails and to make sure my gear is set before i drive away.

New Photography  This year I did some new firsts regarding photography. I did my first food shoot and more hiking and also personal projects and more. With the food shoots, One of the clients was for a new book and the other was a restaurant. They were fun to do because I shot something new and usually got to eat after. I also used my light stand for my flash, learned to use it to help make the food look better then natural light in a dark setting. Also who does not like to eat good looking food. Also having the platform (the journal/blog) made me go out on hikes to local parks and see things and experience things sitting in side would not have done. Finding out the cool secrets of places I heard of or have not seen. Also with the blog, I have been posting more then the previous years and always coming up with new stuff each week one or two things. I did a few personal projects this year with the paper and still life as you can fine on my personal section. Coming up with Photographs and using my creativity. I did shoot a lot more portraits in the studio this year then I have to show people I have a studio. Speaking of portraits I did my first non Chatham senior and my first instagram client which was pretty cool that they found me that way then facebook or word of mouth. I have been using my sony more then my canon a lot specially when it comes to out and about shooting. I still use it for studio and some jobs. I used the canon for the famous lightning shot but I used the sony to get the new famous chatham shot.

More Things I did this year   As I talked about above is that I been posting a lot more blog/journal posts and coming up with new this to post once or more a week. Even coming up with series of posts like my famous photographer or why. If you want to know what else I did look at all the blog post of this year I posted a lot. Also with my first non Chatham senior I did my first IPS (in person sales) where after the session The mother came over to pick up her free print and bought other photos and I tried a accordion album and she loved it and I made my self a 1 to show people.

Next Year  I want to keep growing and keep breaking comfort zones and growing and learning more about photography/ business / creative things and more. I also want to maybe start or help start more businesses and get more into that world like investing as well, keep learning about it also cryptocurrency. Make more art like I have this year besides photographs. I already have a few shows lined up for next year but hopefully can get more. Maybe even get my art into a show. Making more videos is another thing I want to do in 2018. More projects and adding to projects will be in 2018. I have 3 big things cameras I want to get this year if not all 3 maybe 2 or 1 out of the 3, they are Sony a7r3 - Dji marvic drone - 360 camera. stay tuned to the blog in 2018 for new and whats happening.

Theres a bunch more I could say about 2017 and things I want to do in 2018 but that would be a very very long post even longer then it is now. Hope every one did a great 2017 lets make 2018 even better.

New Art

I had this strange feeling a while ago that I needed to create something. I could not let it go and talked to a few people about it because the it would not leave. So I went to our little art area what my sister mainly uses and took some of the canvases and started coming up with ideas and then painting over them and restarting the idea till I came up with these. I do plan on making more and maybe adding colors and seeing how they look, but BW also goes with my photography because of a large amount of my photos are BW. I do like to make art time to time besides photographs. There will be more art like this and my late series I did and this summers yard art. I like to put my creative to work and think of new outlets to express my self and what I like and what I can do. Most of these are 5x7 and a few are a bigger and on canvas and not canvas panels.