Why #6

Would you call your self a historian?

Yes in the fact that I document live and the things around me today so people of the future or when I look back can see what life looked like. Being a photographer and a videographer in some sense does make you, your own historian in the fact of capturing life now for the future.

Do you plan on doing anything else besides photography?

Yes. If you have looked at my about me and gone to the bottom, you can see that I have and do more then just take photographs. I also plan on doing a lot more then just photography. I want photography to be one of my passions and something I am known for moslty but I could go in on some other art form and be even better then photography or just do another art form on the side. I am also intrested in buisness and investing. I have many ideas and things I want to do in life but, I do like playing the long game. People say life is to short and others say I am still so young and have my whole life in front of me. 

Did you go to college for photography?

The short answer is no, I did not. The long answer is that I did go to college after HS for one year. During that year I took 2 artistic classes. One being photography that I loved and the "famous" Catskill fog photo was taken before photography class one day. The other artistic class was graphic design and I did amazing at those 2 classes. College is not for me but I did do a year.

Any new things coming up?

I do have a creative mind so ideas for projects are always coming in mind and I have some projects that I would like to do sooner then later but just need an extra set of hands. I also don't want to do project after project right away. If I wanted to i could make a series of images I have collected over time but I want to do bigger projects that are more selective if that makes sence.