New Art

I had this strange feeling a while ago that I needed to create something. I could not let it go and talked to a few people about it because the it would not leave. So I went to our little art area what my sister mainly uses and took some of the canvases and started coming up with ideas and then painting over them and restarting the idea till I came up with these. I do plan on making more and maybe adding colors and seeing how they look, but BW also goes with my photography because of a large amount of my photos are BW. I do like to make art time to time besides photographs. There will be more art like this and my late series I did and this summers yard art. I like to put my creative to work and think of new outlets to express my self and what I like and what I can do. Most of these are 5x7 and a few are a bigger and on canvas and not canvas panels.