6 Photo Tips

1- Always look at the background when taking a photo of someone. You don't want a pole or somethings coming out of someones head or a pole going through someones head.

2-Make sure you have space in your phone or memory card for more photos then you think you will take. You never know if you will take a small video or over shoot.

3- There are many free and easy to use photo editors for your phone so you can take a photo, edit it and then share it. Some of the newer cameras have WIFI, so you can connect your camera to your phone and edit photos that way instead of waiting till you get home.

4- Make sure your lens on your phone or camera is clean and not covered by a case or cap when out and about. You never know when you will catch a great moment and forget the cap is on or something is on your phone camera. ( its happened to me a few times)

5- Make sure before you leave that your batteries are charged or you have a charger with you when shooting, its always good to be prepared or have a back up camera to use.


6- If you want to get this look, expose for the outdoors and use flash. the photo is a quick example of what and why you would want is kind of shot. Like when you look at real estate photos this kind of technique is sometimes used.