Holiday Donation

Every year for the past few years I have gone to this charity event called Have a Bite Help a Family, where all the money made during the event goes to local families who don't have much money for food. The reason I like this event is because it give people money to buy food and food is something we all need.

The event is done by the Chatham HS community service club. Where local restaurants and also local people who want to donate food for people to sample. You can buy ticket books that you use to get food samples. Outside of the food serving area there is the silent auction and ticket bags. The silent auction is large items and also baskets made by the HS classes. Last year I donated small things for the ticket bags, but this year I donated some photos of Chatham. I told my self last year I was going to donate something but was not quite sure. Then one of my photographer friends gave me a bunch of frames and instantly knew what they would be used for. I have always gotten the booklet to sample food and have always won something at the silent auction. I like winning and plus the money goes to a good cause. This year I donated photos to help raise money. The event is every year the Sunday after thanksgiving.  

- At the event this year there were a lot of small things that you can put tickets in and a few things for the silent auction. I won a basket of Chatham and my photos went for a good amount. I had cake, donuts and mac & cheese. There was also live music by a local musician. Also this year there were no ticket books just pay to eat what you want. This was there 6th one.

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