If you ever wonder why I do not have a neck strap on my camera its beacuse of how annoying it would be to have to un wrap it around my wrist to do things. I never used it as a neck strap because it would bother my neck. when I would be shooting and i was getting sweaty or needed to shake someones hand or tie my shoe I would have to undo the neck strap on my wrist. Went online to find something better for my wrist and found two things that have changed how easier it is to take photos and for my wrist.

Now the batman pin, I have always been a batman fan, so one year my aunt got me it for Christmas. Ever since then for the most part its always on my camera, I call it the photographer IRL trade mark. In some way there is symbolize. Batman hides behind a mask, I hide behind my camera. Batman is quick, I am fast with my camera. He is also famous and maybe one day I can be famous. he also has a bunch of gear.