Hike #19


Went to Monument Mountain in Great Barrington MA to hike it. When I got there I noticed that you had to pay $5 to park which is not normal from the parks I have been to before, besides the 1 sculpture park. I don’t recommend going here if it just rained or the snow is melting since you have to climb rocks. There are big boulders as well as rock walls and smaller rocks. These are some cool looking rock and tree formations on the way up and off path. I would not be surprised if there are foxes that live in the rocks.


Take the left path from the parking lot. There will be a rocky path then smooth and then rocky. Near the top you will have to climb some rocks to be able to get up theres a few tricky parts as well as some rock steps. there are 2 main look out points the top and then a few steps down theres another look out point. I recommend being careful since its a far drop and there are a lot of rocks. Also when I was coming down to my car I noticed a pile of hiking sticks ( wood branches) next to the main sign. The paths are very well kept up, there looked to be a few fallen trees that were cut up and moved out of the path. the trail markers are blue and red that I saw, I just did the main hike there may be other color markers on the tree which were very easy to see.