History Project

This idea has been in my head for many years. The idea came from seeing famous movie scene in the location they were shot as well as war photos in the same location today. So the project that was in my head was to take historical/old photos of near by towns that I could find online or that people have shared and go to the location and try my best to take the photo as it was taken back then. ( i wrote the whole project out but thats the over all idea of it.)

These are 2 examples of what the inspiration came from and if you click the photos above they will take you to there site where you can see more examples. 

A new photography friend of mine ( Dan ) Gave me the push to actually do it finally. So I packed everything I thought we may need and we only used a hand full of things. We used my ipad with photos on it to help frame the shot and to see how close we could get. some of the photos we recreated had to be a panoramic as well as HDR ( over, under, exact exposure). 

From doing the first round as you could call it of photos it helped us understand a few things such as working as a team, framing the photo as well as other things. It was also interesting to see how much buildings and the areas have changed over time. 

The creative/artistic part of the project is the layering part (part 2&3) where the real part of the project takes place. the side by side is more of a reference so you can see the full photos.   

The below is group one part one

The old/historical photos for this project were from many sources