Famous Photographer #3

Walker Evans

Born in 1903 and died 1975 which would make him 71 years old when he passed away. He lived through the great depression and the first world war. 

He worked for organizations like FSA and magazines such as TIME. with his photos of American life and architecture. He did not want his photos being used for political reasons, he more wanted to document for historical reasons.  

He went to college for writing but decided to drop out and go to work and photograph. He worked in wall street as a clerk and took photos during his spare time. Since photography was not paying him well he needed to make a living some how.

Walker made friends with a writer named James Agee who both worked together to make a book about life in the farm land. When it first came out it was not very popular till after the war was over.

Most of walkers photos were taken with a Leica but his other cameras were Rolleiflex, 8x10 camera. later in his life he used a Polaroid SX-70. 

There are many books about his work, the most famous of his books

Ghent NY

Ghent NY