Me and Wedding Photography

I have done 3 weddings and they have all been family friends/friends. The first wedding was someone I went to school with, second wedding family friend and the third was family friend/camp counselor when I was younger. The first 2 weddings were close by and I knew most of the people there or they knew me. The 3rd wedding was a big one for me because it was far away and I only knew a handful of people there.  

The reason why I don't advertise them anymore is that the wedding industry is very big and theres a lot of services that go into it. There are a lot of great wedding photographers. To me since weddings are such a big thing in our society you should have some kind of focus and understanding of what it means to be a wedding photographer because there is more then taking photos of the day. Theres so many small things that go into it and understanding the business part of being in the wedding industry. 

I am not saying no to weddings, I am just being more specific on what I will do when it comes to wedding photography. I am mostly going to focus family friends. I would love to do a wedding in all BW. I love being a fly on the wall at and letting the action happen and capturing moments that may not ever happen agin. If your not into the traditional wedding photos and want candids of peoples emotions and interactions on your wedding day.

An idea someone told me was just being the reception wedding photographer. I would show up just before you would arrive and start taking photographs of you and love ones having a good time. From people dancing and having fun to little family moments and everything in between. 

There are people I would recommend for weddings not just photographers if you would like to know photographers I recommend and other wedding vendors let me know I would be happy to help you out.