5 Things To Do In Hudson NY

I have been to Hudson more times then I can count on my fingers for countless reasons. Here are just a few of the things I would recommend doing in Hudson NY.


The first thing that comes to mind is walking around the city streets and ally ways. There are many cool things to see. Theres a lot of street art, stores, restaurants and anything you can think of in a small city. A lot has changed and continues to change. Theres a little bit of everything for everyone.


There are many galleries in the city on the main strip called  warren st and off. The gallery that I like is Carrie Haddad's and thats on the upper end of the street before the park.Thats the galley that comes to mind when but there are many others such as 510 gallery which is another favorite and they are a co-op so a bunch of diffrent artists. They also have the best openings. 


There are a few places that are near the water front that are open to the public. At the water front you can see the Catskills and the light house. 1 is the water front park, 2 is the over look, 3 is the old boat houses. All 3 spots are with in walking distance and have 3 very diffrent views of the water.   


Outside the the city there are 2 museums. One is Olana which is a house with a lot of trails and the other is the Fireman's Firefighting Museum. They are with in a few mins of the city. Olana is also near the bridge which has a little parking area to look over the bridge and the Firemen's museum is near the school. 


The new public library is a historical building. They do have public and private events. its a library so you can check out books, use the computers, cool off. They also have a history room.