Hike #14

So me and my friend decided to try and go to the Taconic Sculpture Park Spencertown NY. Its off the main road and onto a long dirt road  and there you will see a artistic rock wall. It kind of looks like Art Omi but more interesting and smaller. There is a fee per car ($10) so carpool there. Theres a nice older guy that runs the place. 


You can go into some of the sculptures. Theres a big head on the hill which reminds me of Art Omi with all the big heads they have but this one you can go into but cant go on top of. It is smaller then OMI but its a cool place to walk around. There is a view so theres a plus, the Toconic state parkway you can hear and see through the trees. It does kind of look like there expanding over to the other side of the road but the man was inside.