Device Photography

I have posted about this before but want to go a bit more into it.

There is a difference between being a photographer and being an "iphone photographer" in my option. A "real" photographer has more control over the final image then a device. With a device you cant control settings as much as you can with say a Canon rebel. You can edit and post faster in some cases, there are cameras that are easy to use with your phone and can shoot and edit and post just like you would your phone. But with more controls like a DSLR you can be creative with shutter an depth of field. I have seen and heard about amazing photos taken with a phone that people thought were taken with a "real" camera. And yes there have been covers for things shot with a phone and yes the technology is getting newer and newer and one day the DSLR features will be in the phone. To call your self a photographer is knowing about the fundamentals of the craft/art and learning and knowing about photography.

Here are shots taken with a ipad and iphone