I updated my website with a new series and new photographs in most of my series.


On Friday me and my photographer friend went to Rhinebeck to pick up my framed art work it rained a lot on the way there and light rain on/off through out the day. After taking the photographs down we went into town and explored and also had pizza. I have not really explored Rhinebeck besides the stores on the main strip. On our way to the car I saw a self phone sitting on a bench and brought it into the closes store and told them I found this and if the person comes back for it. Then we went to the the Holy Cow for some Ice cream.  Then went into Red Hook and walked around there and took some photos and explored because we have never been before. On our way home we pulled over because there there was a cool abandon garage, there were others on our journey but there was precious cargo (framed photographs. We had to stop at my dad's store to drop off a few frames and we walked around Hudson and hung out there for a little.

Here are a few of the shots I took from each town.