Why #9

If you could go back and start photography in middle school/ early high school, what would that look like then and today?

I feel like if I started back then my life now would be totally diffrent because of the connections and the photos and the work I would have. I would have probably been the school photographer in some way, from school events, sports, portraits and any other school documentation. I would had more clients and shows since I started before I actually did which was end of sophomore.

After doing research on these famous photographers who are you most like?

I would have to say a mix of Walker Evans and Robert Frank for the most part. But in the over all I think who I am as a person I am a mix of everyone in some way shape of form. Almost all of them have/had learning disabilities which as you can tell if you read anything on my site. All of them for the most part interlock other then just photography and being an artist.

Since you don't go to school (college) how do you learn and grow?

Well I do watch a lot of videos on photography, business and life stuff. Talking with people is another good way that I learn. Also I am a very hands on learner so I learn by trying something out and if its not working the way I want try something new. I do have a mentor/teacher who I see every so often that has helped me branch out. I do talk with other professionals in other industries not just photography. I also do read here and there.