Why #8

Why do you do show your work such as galleries/stores/restaurants and places like that?

The reason I like to show my work is to get my name out there more and also to show people the work I can do and the cool and interesting things I capture. Some Art work for there home or collections.

What have you done so far in 2018?

Feb13th- I have shot 2 artists work, family portraits, out and about, protest, nature, products, real estate type photos, unicycle hockey,

Do you use photoshop to edit at all?

No Ido not use photoshop to edit my photos, I mostly use it to play around with at the moment but that could change. I use another program to edit my photos. Photoshop to me is not part of what I do. I like to get what I need in camera as much as I can and i do not photoshop things in my photos as you can see.