Why #4

What photographer inspires you?

I cant think of a single photographer that has inspired me because of the fact theres so many very good photographers out there dead or alive. There are photographer I like and look to for ideas thats why, I have a photo book collection that is growing. I like to look and study other photographers and learn what they did and get ideas from that. but I could not say "this photographer is my inspiration". 

What is the difference between taking a photo and taking a photograph?

To me a photo or picture and a snap shot can be put into 1 meaning which is that everyone takes a photo or picture or a snapchat but a person who understands how to use a camera and uses composition and artistic words like it, can make a photograph. On my Facebook and Instagram feed I have seen some great photos taken by friends. 

Have you had that photo or moment where you were like, "this is why I love photography"?

The simple answer is yes. I have had moments and photos where I am like wow look at that shot, on the back of the screen and when in post production. Like an example would be the lighting and firework shot. I was watching the lighting and photographing it and then out of the corner of my eye "look there fireworks" and then the shot came. So there are moments like that.