Why #3

Why do you shoot and share a lot of your photos?

The reasoning behind me shooting so much an then sharing, is to show that I am being active and to show people that I love what I do and that I am still doing it. People have asked be who know that I am big into photography and ask if I am still doing it.  When you look at other photographers on facebook page, they post there service work 99% of the time and may throw in a "out and about" or interesting photo once in a while. I like doing the more art side of photography showing people the world how I see it.

Whats with Zach Neven Creative and not photography?

I did that switch because theres more to my creative ability then photography, yes a lot if not all that I do is photography. But I have made videos, graphics, website, sculptures, art and many more creative things. I call my self a creative because in todays world knowing how to do many things is good. Say someone asks me if I can make them a video. I know how to film and I know how to edit. I like to be open to the creative, artistic world.

Have you ever thought about stopping?

With being your own boss there are times where you get stressed and anxiety can make you thing a diffrent way about things. So yes there have been times where I have thought about stopping and just giving up on things. But then I think about everything that photography has done to me as a person and a creative. It might not seem like things have changed for me because the change happens over time. From being the kid who would never leave his room, to staying in a "safe" zone for driving. Also talking to people and doing things "old zach" would not have done. One of my sayings is that I will never not have a camera on me or with me. I do have ideas for things not photography related that I want to do that could change how I do things. But like one of my saying is, "i am playing the long game with big plays along the way"