Why #2

Why do you shoot so much black & white?  

The reason I love to produce BW photos is that it gives the photos a timeless, classic look to them. It makes the photo simple as well and much easier to tell whats going on in the photograph. Also it can depend on what is in the photograph and if theres is a look and feel. Like when I showed the unicycle hockey players the book, I asked them if they liked the BW and they loved it because of the feeling you get and the subject its self and how the images look.

Why do you shoot so many diffrent things?

Because its building my portfolio so I can show people what I can do and have done. I have about maybe picking a few types of photography and mastering them and put the others on my site some where else. But with shooting diffrent things in a way can be a good thing because I get to try something new and figure out how to photograph this new genera that I have not yet photographed before. Like when I was asked to photograph food, I had to ask them and look online, how to photograph food. Like the time I flew in my first plane, as soon as the wheels were off the ground I was in love with shooting things from a diffrent angle I have never seen before. I was scared and nervous, but I told many people and posted it online I was going to and I did it.

what do you like to shoot the most and why?

As you can see by a large number of my photos is candid. Like with sports, street and parties. lets start with sports, Nothing is 100% set up with sports, theres rules and how to play but anything can happen. Street photography is 100% candid unless you ask someone for there photo, which I have done a few times but its not my style. With parties its mostly candid because people like to pose for photos, which is ok but I prefer to get candid the unexpected photos. I love the reception at a wedding because of the fact I can walk around and photograph people having a good time and moments that people would not think of taking or something that happened quickly. I like being a fly on the wall, letting things happen and planing the shot in my head and taking it. To me the photographer a shot may not seem 100% candid because of planing and timing. There are times where I saw something about to happen I set my shot up, so in a way its candid and its not.