Why #11

What are those little dots for and about on some of your photos?

That is called grain or noise. its where the camera sensor is reacting more sensitive to the light. it mostly happens when its dark places. When you see a clean photograph with not little dots then the camera is less sensitive to the light. in camera terms its called ISO. A lot of photographers dont really like it but to me it gives the photograph a film feel to it a bit like when they are in BW. 

If someone came up to you and offered you $5k to do a service or personal project?

I would pick personal projects because of the fact I would have full creative control. I am not sure exactly what kind of project I would do right off the top of my head. But it would definitely be a big project and definitely would focus on a single projects and not break it up.  

 What makes you like documenting events and doing sessions?

I enjoy doing sessions because I have stories to share and experiences to learn and grow from. Also its a chance to meet new people and try new things out. Its also a way to add things to my portfolio and to show people what I have done and can do. Over the past 5+ years of doing photography I have done a lot and have many stories and lessons I have learned/experienced.

If someone asked you why you took a photo you took could you?

Some of my photos I could tell you all about it, the why and the backstory. To me I feel like art is up to the viewer to take what they want from what they are looking at. A lot of who I am and my creative doings are in my head and it can be hard at times to explain things. I know what I am doing but putting it into words is the hard part for me. I just use the line “ I am an artist” which can mean many things.