Why #10

If someone offered to take you some where with them what would you do?

I would make them a deal of a life time. I kind of did this with the wedding I did a few years ago. We worked out a price also it was my 3rd wedding and also a deal on getting me there. The venue was about an hour 1/2. I did not feel comfortable driving there alone, So I ended up going with them there and spend the funnest 3 days I have had in a while and i grew from it. So the short answer is YES. Experiences are a big thing for me, I want both me and the client to have fun and a good time and for me it would be a learning and growing experience. 

What do you think is important about photography?

Your eye and your creativity are what matter the most. I can teach and show you how to use your camera and all the settings. But the ability to see things that most people miss or a diffrent perspective is what makes you a great photographer. Its like painting, I can teach and show you how to use a paint brush but its your creative abilitys that are important.

Why do so many projects?

In the art world for the most part doing projects or personal work is a way to show off who you are and what you like. Personal work can also get you jobs that you might not have gotten other wise because its new/diffrent then what people have seen before. Also doing these kinds of things can help you grow and learn how to use your tools better and in a new way.