First 2016 Wedding and More

This can also be called, second weekend to remember. A few months ago I was asked to shoot a wedding, They said it would be in a different state. I do not feel comfortable driving far alone, so I they said I could go with them. So I spent the whole weekend with the couple and the bridesmaids and family and friends. it was definitely a crazy fun weekend that i will not forget.
The place the wedding was held was in the middle of no where. As soon as we got up to the venue and got out of the car, looked at the view, I was amazed, one of the best views I have seen. The Warfield House Inn, Charlemont, Massachusetts. is where the wedding was held. Also there was a storm during the reception and power went out, we then had live music.
Days before the wedding, I wanted to try something new and cool. Its something I have not seen anyone in my area do. I have seen people do it before but wanted to try it on my own. It's a Geo Filter on demand, it was kind of cool watching all the girls go crazy when I told them It was live and how to use it, they were all getting their hair and make-up. It's something I may try again for an event, it was not that expensive.

The day before my mini vacation aka wedding weekend. I was asked to shoot kids circus for a family friends who have a big circus company called Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. They do a youth camp and they asked me to take some photos, here are a few of my favorite.