Unicycle Hockey

When I tell people I shoot unicycle hockey, They are kind shocked because they never heard of it before and that it happens around a small town in upstate NY. If you are wondering how this all got started. I saw a few photos posted on Facebook of this unicycle hockey thing and I wanted to shoot it. So I asked my Facebook friend when they play because I was interested in photographing it and that's how it all started. For the past 2 years I have been making photographs of unicycle hockey at the Morris Memorial in Chatham NY, its the same group of people who like to ride unicycles and play hockey at the same time. They have asked me there photographer if I wanted to try but I say to busy making photos. 

There are 2 door ways for me to shoot from and a up stairs running track for different angles, There is also this little closet thing on the gym floor but not the best place to get action photos because I have to wait for them to come near the corner. For my first year shooting I did not use flash, I then brought a photographer friend with me and he told me to try and see how it was and I saw such a big differences shooting with flash. I thought they would care at first because it was a flash of light that could mess them up but they say they don't mind it. I learned a lot of things by shooting unicycle hockey from different angles to how light and settings can change a photo. For example when I am down at the floor I need to use my flash because Its dark and aim the flash at the track white ceiling. When I go up and shoot down I am using the big gym lights as my light source so I don't have to use my flash. They only play for a few mounts out a year. For my book I made of unicycle hockey CLICK HERE.