Rebrand Online

I have decided to change things up and start over with my online presents. From new accounts to changing passwords and trying something new with how I use the platforms. I have had multiple accounts on things like Youtube and Instagram.... The reason behind this is to clean things up a bit and to have a more professional and nicer looking online presence. My website and logos and other things will still be the same and will not change at this moment but may in the future.  

I have only had one Facebook account and last year I tried making a backup account and for some reason it was disabled. So I am planning on deleting the one I have now and making a whole new account which will be used differently. I also want to see if this will help have more engagement since I am starting over. I am not sure yet how I plan on restarting FB but it will happen.

I would like to just use my website because its the most organized and its professional and maybe I will just keep my website and do very little social media or maybe I will try things and see what works. I update my website more and like to have control over the look and feel of the site and like making blog posts and adding new photos and features to my site.  Another reason I want to quit social media is because I want to create more and not focus on getting people to see my work, there’s people out there who are doing the best marketing there is for me and people like me (word of mouth) I have a website where everything is nicely organized and easy to use. I know I said above that I don’t care about likes and comments but we are always checking the notifications. At the end of the day a notification does not pay you anything besides the good chemical in your body.

I am going to delete FB and will make a new one for the reason to share photos and to see events and photography/creative/business/life opportunities. No more political posts,no more sharing of links as much. Using FB as a tool and not as a consumer per say. I want to start from scratch. I will most likely still use Instagram and definitely my website, so check those often for updates.