I decided to “rebrand” my self and what I am doing at the moment. I started with photography and had a bunch of diffrent logos and then I got help making one and then I made my own and was just doing photography. I then got into making art and painting and i thought since i want to be known for many things why not call everything creative and not photography since thats what I am a creative person now doing more then just photography. I kept the photography logo but changed the name. More recently I talked about it with a few people and took a better look at the word and how i present my self with social media and my website. Having the creative sounds like an agency and I am not an agency. Being a “creative” is kind of the new word for artist and I took that as oh that would be a cool name for what I am doing. Most artists have just there name or a “art name/s”. So thats what I went with and it keeps all socials clean as well as my website. I can have the tag line be photographer and artist but not have that as the name. I liked the colors from the photography logo and wanted it to be my “theme” colors for the logo and site.