Mini Project

As you know i have a studio space that I share with my dad's furniture, that he works on during the week. So I left the paper down because I was shooting some furniture and never put it up. As my dad works he leaves the door open near the studio to let air in. We live on a hill where it can get very windy, so the paper was moving a lot. It was at the end of its roll and needed to be fixed. The paper started falling off the wall and beginning to fold. It was a Wednesday aka garbage day so i took the paper and put it outside so i can bring it to the garbage. Dad started walking closer to the workshop and saw this sculpure in the yard and told me to go look at the paper, Thats where the Paper Sculpture Mini Project was born. I brought it all over the yard and making it look like a sculpture, Like my personal Art Omi (hike #4). There Will be more projects and series coming in the future. I also may add to this when I have more studio paper that needs to be put out.