Leaf Portraits

Before I tell you about this project I want to talk about my photographs recently. I am know for doing a lot of Black and White photographs but as you can see my last project, hiking and this project are in color. With picking to edit a photograph in black and white can give you a diffrent story and feel.

(Click Here) Still Life Portrait

This project just came to me one day, there is no real back story. I went to go outside and photograph things like I normally would. I then remembered we had a light box for tracing with that has not been open. Thats where the idea kinda came from, I tried with a few leaves. Then once I saw how the photos came out, I went around the whole yard and up and down the road picking leaves. Drove around a little as well finding leaves that look interesting to the eye. My favorite leaves are the ones that look like they have a disease or dying. Seeing the details in the leaves is also pretty interesting, seeing how nature works.  As I was looking at the images I was thinking how cool it would be in a healthy restaurant.  My dad really liked how the photos came out and wanted me to get a bunch printed for my new show in his store, since my show has been up for well over a year. Hope you go and see the show at my dads store. 

The show will be up for a while, come and check it out.

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