Hike #10

This is the Bird Sanctuary in Old Chatham. This is a definitely a hike just like hike #9. Its kinda hard to find, theres a sign that says private land next the to park's sign but thats where you can park or park near the Powell house and walk up. This is not part of the Land Conservancy program just a park thats owned by the Powell house. This is a no dog park and my guess why its because its kinda tricky in some areas and not picking up after the dog. There are some areas of the hike that are a little tricky and there is muddy. 

There are 2 look out points one is the best and ones a small part. When you are up there its all rock and a steep fall so don't get to close. This is definitely a Columbia County view to see, I may go back up in the fall to see all the colors. Theres definitely a great place to walk around there are lots of trails or just go for the view. some of the trails are not the greatest but easy to follow and walk over things.   

There is a pond near the parking lot where you can bird watch behind a "blind". You have to go past the pavilion and there it is, its pretty cool.  I did not go around the pond and to got to the pond there is a road entrance as well that I saw. So if you like bird watching It would be a cool spot to check out.