Famous Artist #1

Andy Warhol

Born 1928 and died 1987

His art mediums were- silkscreen, painting, films, photo, sculpture. But well known for his silkscreens. He also did directing and producing.

Before he became the artist, he was a commercial, advertisement illustrator as you can tell that played a big part in his art work, some people would say he was more of a commercial artist then a real artist because of the work he made.

He started having his work shown in the early 50’s in NYC and CA. In the 60’s is when he started doing his more famous pieces like the soup cans, CocaCola, Marilyn, Elvis and many more. Also in the 60’s is when he made his studio “ The Factory” where he had all his creative friends.

He would hire people to assist him with his work as well as collaborate with other like minded people, like his good friend Basquiat.