Famous Artist #11

Cy Twombly

Born in 1928 and died 2011

He is an American painter, sculptor and photographer.

For the most part his work is large, his style is a mix of graffiti and calligraphy and a simple background color.

It’s said that he influenced Basquiat.

Young Twombly began to take private art lessons with the Catalan modern master Pierre Daura

He studied art at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Washington and Lee University and Art Students League of New York. He became friends with Rauschenberg and was told to go to Black Mountain College.

His first solo show was in 51 at Samuel M. Kootz Gallery in NYC. At the same time his work was influenced by Kline's black-and-white work.

In 54 he was in the army as a cryptographer in DC.

He worked in New York, where he became a figure and shared a studio with Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns between 55-59.

He was interested in tribal art, using the painterly language of the early 50s to invoke primitivism.

often inscribed on paintings the names of mythological figures.