Chatham NY

Since one of my newest chatham photo blew up on Facebook, I decided to do a blog post about my view on this small town where I grew up. Chatham is where my story starts. I lived in Chatham for about 16 years and went to HS there. My grandparents used to live a few streets away and I spend a lot of time there as well. There were 3 houses next to mine and 2 of the houses had kids around my age and we were all good friends. My one neighbor friend would hang out all the time he was around my age. All us kids would get together and play games and hang out event went to each others parties. This town has helped form me into who I am today. From biking around town to hanging out with friends. Theres a lot I can tell you about this small town but It would be to long of a blog post and all the memories of this small amazing town.

I have family history in this small town America. There used to be a store before I was born called Delsons, Think of it as the Walmart of its time. When ever I meet someone and they seem like they are from around here,"I ask do you remember Delsons" and if they say YES, I say thats my family's store. People have told me all there memories of the store. I have seen photos as well of what it used to be. People have told me stores about working in the store, about the toy room down stairs and so much more. "If we don't have it, you don't need it"

This town is very historical because of its history with trains and the buildings in and around the town. This town also has a video store that still is alive and the whole front room is VHS tapes. There is also a 1 screen movie theater. Chatham is also know for having the yearly Columbia County Fair. 


This is the photo that has been blowing up online and what made me make this post. 

This was taken on the Sony A6000