This all started when I was in middle school in an after school program. My dad was friends with the people who were running it. They are a couple who started their own circus company called Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. I did that for a year and my sister as well. Jump to more recent time with photography and unicycle hockey. They knew who I was and they saw my photos and asked if I wanted to help them out by being there photographer. I photograph there after school programs and if they ever want photos of there performances or there learning program. I made a short post about them when I did my big wedding last year. A few weeks ago they asked me if I wanted to go to Cony Island with them and I have never been and I think it would be a fun experience and I can take photos of the city and an abandoned looking (because its still open during the summer) amusement park. So I posted this to me funny photo and caption on FB.

So the real reason why I went was to photograph a youth circus performance at a famous side show theater building. The kids who were in it were from other states and other parts of NY. It was cool to see some a contortionist because I have only seen one on TV. It was also cool to see kids doing something they like doing and have talent and skills at. I do recommend going to this place in person to see all the cool posters and all the cool things they have. This was also my farthest photoshoot I have been on. I did do BW and color of each to see the difference and see what I like more I did want to see how a whole collection looked in BW vs color.

Also I added something new to my Artist page.

Mom Dad I ran away and joining the circus.

Mom Dad I ran away and joining the circus.

These are just some of the photos I took yesterday.