Big Moves

So as you know I already have a show up and still have the show from last year up as well. I have had another show already planed and I got asked to have my 3rd show and its only Q1 of the year. Who knows a show back to back for the whole year besides January. 

I do have more personal projects and ideas for this year that will be done this year that have been in my head. Theres a few sessions already booked and a few model shoots as well. Lot more content will be made this year.

There is also going to be some more personal changes this year to bring out the new Zach. Such as growing as a person, talking more to people and becoming healthier in many ways. Becoming a better version of my self thats why I said new Zach. Its not going to happen over night, its something that will be worked on over time.

A short blog this week