November Air

So the day started off like a normal day watch some YouTube videos check whats happening online, doing what I need to do around the house. Around lunch time I checked Instagram and saw a local artist hid art. So i reread his post looked at the photo and see if i could put them together to try and figure out where it was, I was like "I know where that is and drove over and found it.


There it sits in our mud room. After I found the art work by (scout pines) I remembered someone had unneeded CD stuff like cases and blank CDs to use for clients. So I went over and picked them up. Then I was off to do what I was waiting for all day.

The plane ride was fun I invited a photographer friend to go up with me and it was fun we flew around my house and around the fire tower at Beebee Hill and flew around to houses. It was a little bumpy but not as much as I thought it might have been with the wind and it being mid day. I had a live stream going, gopro filming and me photographing. I need to invest in some iphone camera tools so i can let my phone film and not needing to hold it all the time.