Ghent 200th Birthday

Ghent is celebrating its 200th birthday this year. In the summer there were a few weeks where the town historian gave history walks. The 12th he gave a history presentation and the 13th was the big party for the town. There was parade, fly over, food, fireworks, local venders and historical things to see.

So I had this idea to get the fireworks behind one of the 2 town stables the town hall or the Bartlett House. I figured it would make more for a better end of celebration photo if it was the town hall.

Famous Photographer #15

Paul Caponigro

Born in 1932 and is still alive at 85 years old

He started photographing at the age of 13 and was into music as well and went to school for music.

He has had 2 Guggenhim fellowships and 3 grants from the NEA (National endowment for the arts.

His subject matter was still life and landscapes.

"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are."


Famous Photographer #14

Paul Strand

Born in 1890 Died in 1976

He did both still and motion picture. Some of his films are. Manhatta 1921, The Plow that Broke the Plains 1936.

He was one of the early photographers who helped make photography an art form.

In his late teens he was a renowned documentary photographer student. A lot of his photography was capturing social reform.

These 3 photos on the side are his most known for photographs.


Why #10

If someone offered to take you some where with them what would you do?

I would make them a deal of a life time. I kind of did this with the wedding I did a few years ago. We worked out a price also it was my 3rd wedding and also a deal on getting me there. The venue was about an hour 1/2. I did not feel comfortable driving there alone, So I ended up going with them there and spend the funnest 3 days I have had in a while and i grew from it. So the short answer is YES. Experiences are a big thing for me, I want both me and the client to have fun and a good time and for me it would be a learning and growing experience. 

What do you think is important about photography?

Your eye and your creativity are what matter the most. I can teach and show you how to use your camera and all the settings. But the ability to see things that most people miss or a diffrent perspective is what makes you a great photographer. Its like painting, I can teach and show you how to use a paint brush but its your creative abilitys that are important.

Why do so many projects?

In the art world for the most part doing projects or personal work is a way to show off who you are and what you like. Personal work can also get you jobs that you might not have gotten other wise because its new/diffrent then what people have seen before. Also doing these kinds of things can help you grow and learn how to use your tools better and in a new way. 

First Art Fest

Today was my first time ever doing an art festival. It was a fundraiser event for the one room school house in old chatham.  I brought old frames as well as my photographs that I have had framed and wanted to see. It was definitely a learning experience and kind of fun at times. I did not sell any art but sold frames and gave them some away. I talk to some people and got better at it as well. Gave my cards out to a few people as well. 

Will I do another art festival agin? maybe it was deffinitly a lot diffrent then having work up in a gallery space.