June 15th 2016

So todays post will be about my ideas.

Lets start off with ideas, so I have so many ideas, with business/photography/wants/make things/projects and more. with me i have written them all down or most who knows with my crazy head i have ideas all the time, i think think think.. In school when you have papers for your class, you have to brain storm for the paper then draft and then final, with me i just went and did the final paper, ( I got help in school) so I would ask someone to help me finish it and they would say its sorta all over the place and they would help me fix it. your probably asking what does that have to do with ideas, well with all my ideas i need that help to make them happen. I would love to make my ideas and things i want to do. i know people will say you can do it by your self and i know but the other saying two hears are better then one. 

One more thing

So with "think think think" aka over thinking. with over thinking leads to depression its not a good time. I have to thinking about all the positive things and good thing that have happened to me and how talented and skilled i am at things. and that this is temporary and will go away for a short time or long time but its just a part of life. its strange that i dont feel comfortable telling my family but i am totally cool with posting it and having all of FB see it or other social media. 

Another thing