First Fun Day of 2018

Today I got a text from one of my good photography friends who I have not hung out with in a while. He wanted to hang out and go to a park. So we thought that the bird sanctuary would not be plowed well since of the location of where it is. But in fact it was nicely done. Before we headed in the direction we walked around town and talked and had lunch. On our way to the park he showed me a cool spot I wanted to go to, a small car grave which was pretty cool. Then we went to the bird sanctuary ( one of my favorite places). I showed him the pond which is behind the parking lot and then we went to the look out. He brought his drone and I took some photos. It was cool to see that spot from the air and cool to watch how drones work and such. He wanted to fly the drone and get some clips of the pond, so we walked back over there . As we were walking over to the spot to put are bags down. I thought lets see if you can walk on the pond not worrying about the fact that it could crack .Josh was the smart one and stayed on top as i walked on the pond. "Zach jump" I did and it did not crack at all. The pond must have been deeply frozen and a thick layer of snow. He wanted to get a shot for his website ( click here) and I thought of the idea of me running out on the pond as the drone followed me for a cool video. I had a good time because of the fact I never been on a frozen pond before and going up to things that could only be taken with a zoom lens. After we had our fun there we went back to my house and he let me fly the drone and take some photos and practice for when I get a drone.