I want to photograph who you are and tell your story. You are unique and I as the photographer want to show that off. From the outfit you wear to the props and even the background can tell a diffrent story about you. I do have a studio with white background paper or go to a location for a diffrent feel and look to the end photograph. My style of photographing portraits is much like my over all style of letting things happen and fixing them up along the way. I will help pose and find what looks good as we are working together to bring your story too light.


Event photography

This day is important to you and the people around you. This is your event that took time and effort to put together. I as the photographer want to show that off and not be a part of the event. As the photographer I will be capturing the event as it's happening, being a fly on the wall. Just like how I got started with photography the candid moments are the once in a life time small events that can be missed with a blink of an eye. The reason that black & white works so well with candid moments is because it gives a classic street photography look.