Zach P. Neven

175 Westview Drive - Ghent NY 12075

518-755-4724 -


Chatham Central School

Graduated 2014

50 Woodbridge AveChatham NY 12037


Columbia Greene Comm. College

1 year

4400 NY-23 Hudson NY 12534



Mac- Photoshop, Lightroom, Pages, imovie, final cut pro, illustrator, keynote, Microsoft office, hands on work, cameras, heavy lifting, selling my self, tools, fixing things, work well with others,

29,000+ steps (12.5 miles) in one day (Aug 12,2017) kinderhook walks and parking cars,  

Work Experience

Assist father with his job, moving furniture around - Helped a local photographer - Hired as a photographer - take apart and build furniture - Made websites - helped clear up woods and landscaping - manage social media accounts - yard sale helper - assisted on construction and demolition - moving boxes - labeling - Strip and stain furniture - helped with computer and tech problems - taken apart and fix things - taught people how to use a camera and do things with technology - car traffic for a event - clean up after big event, garbage and chairs and tables - 

photography jobs- weddings, portraits, real estate, quinceanera, food, fashion products, fashion photo shoot, community events, circus events, artist work, family photo shoot, photo show, work, furniture, stock for website, birthday party, 


Photography, video making, business, art, investing, hiking, helping people, technology, startups, social media, exploring and breaking comfort zone, movies and documentaries, history, learning and growing, collecting things,  other creativity


Scott Neven (father) -

Vance Pitkin-

What Clients Have Said


Volunteer - helping out with NOT MONEY received

Wightman Strong- Local athlete had cancer and I helped by spreading the word, buying ribbons, making a poster for the family, photographing fundraisers for free, give money to the fundraisers they had for her.

Have A Bite To Eat- Helping local families buy food. Help spread the word every year. go to the event and help out, Give them photos. pay for samples and win a silent action every year for the past 5 years (2017) 

High School Sports- Help they set thing up for homecoming (2+ years). gave my photos to the school and students (3+ years). helped bring supplies to events a few times. Photographed countless games and given photos online.

Kinderhook Walks- Helped them by being there Facebook live camera operator as they talk about the history of the area and followed them holding the phone set up.

Friends of the Tracy- Donated my time to take photos and give them for making hand outs.

Crelin Park Community Day- Took photos for them to use to help bring people and for local businesses to donate money.

Unicycle Hockey- Photograph a group of people who like to play unicycle hockey for fun and Also help manage there Facebook page with photos to help bring more people and to show off a sport not many people have heard of.

Neven Moderne- Helped him with his website and social media and move stuff around and help customers, move furniture to peoples cars and stores. Photographed furniture.

Made Me NYC- Helped with a fashion shoot by moving props around and holding lights.

Helping strangers- pick something up for them. help them move things. carry things for them. Gave friends rides to places. Giving people things from other people. 

Other things- Photographed public events and shared photos. sat at a fair booth giving free samples.


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