New Videos

This is another creative outlet I have done before and recently made a few. My first youtube video is of a clay animation that was from a how to make animation book. At that time I used my webcam to make it and now I use my canon and sony camera, where I have more control and looks a lot better. " you have to start some where" . 

I also like playing around with time-lapses. I have a device that I set it to time and or how many photos I want taken in a time frame and let it go and take photos. I do that with my canon. I have made time-lapses with the gopro hero 4 which has a built in video time-lapse mode where you set how long between and it can take as long as the camera is charged. and with shooting with my canon I can control the end resault better then the gopro. 

Lapse videos (time or hyper) and also animation take so much time in shooting that its worth it at the end. with all the animations and moving each thing I use a little at a time to tell a story could take a few hours just for a few sec video. Thats why with my time-lapses I throw in a bunch to make the video a bit longer. With my animations. I try and tell a short story that comes in my head. I wish I still had my lego mini figures to make some cool animations. I might make more with the art figures and the shape art toy kit. Speaking of, I send the company who makes the toy kit and they thought it was cool.